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OnlineVNC is a tool designed to allow you to control and manage your PC remotely with just a standard web browser so that you can solve any problems on a different computer no matter where you are.

How many times have you had a problem with your PC and you've asked friends for help over the phone, wishing they could just come and solve it themselves? That kind of verbal-only assistance isn't usually very helpful: maybe you don't understand what they're talking about, and at the end of everything you still need someone to come and work directly with the computer to get everything sorted out.

That won't happen again, thanks to OnlineVNC: when you need help, the program will send your knowledgable friend a link that gives them access to your desktop with just a click - no installation of additional software required.

This tool can really help you remotely manage your system, giving you access to your computer and the files you've stored there even when no one has logged on, or the computer is frozen.

OnlineVNC is a solution to sharing a desktop that allows you to connect with and control your machine remotely using the TCP/IP protocol.

Forget about bothering your friends with more computer problems - use OnlineVNC to solve your issues.
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